Ovalware: Amazon & Walmart Account Manager

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
URL: https://ovalware.com

At Ovalware, we are on a mission to enrich people's experiences one cup at a time. Our niche lies in creating exceptional and unique brewing and tasting experiences with quality, beautifully designed, and functional products. 

We are seeking a dynamic and results-oriented Amazon & Walmart Account Manager to oversee the growth and optimization of our Amazon and Walmart store. This role involves closely monitoring account listings and health, implementing strategic improvements, and driving increased product visibility and sales. As an integral part of our team, you will collaborate with cross-functional teams (PPC Specialists, SEO Specialist, Creative Manager) to ensure our Amazon & Walmart presence thrives and exceeds performance expectations. 

What are we looking for?

  • Proven experience in Amazon and Walmart account management, e-commerce, and digital marketing.
  • Proficiency in utilizing data and analytics to drive decision-making and optimization.
  • Strong understanding of Amazon and Walmart's ecosystem, algorithms, and platform features.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to manage a team of 2 and collaborate effectively across teams.
  • Results-driven mindset with a demonstrated track record of achieving sales and performance targets.
  • Detail-oriented with exceptional organizational and project management skills.
  • Creative thinker capable of generating innovative ideas to enhance product visibility and customer engagement.

What’s in it for you?

  • Collaborative working environment. At Ovalware we foster a collaborative and cooperative atmosphere where everyone's input is valued.
  • Closer-knit team. As a compact team, we prioritize efficiency, ensuring that decision-making is swift and targeted.
  • Flexible working hours. Embrace flexibility in your working hours as part of our results-driven team culture, where autonomy and a strong sense of ownership define how we operate.

What will you do?:

1. Increase Sessions and Optimize Conversions:
   - Enhance frontend and backend SEO to improve discoverability and search rankings.
 - Optimize various elements such as pricings, product images, titles, bullet points, descriptions, Amazon A+ content, and Amazon storefront content.
   - Conduct ongoing A/B split testing for both existing and new listings.
  - Regularly monitor and assess the health and performance of Amazon and Walmart account listings.

2. Marketing Campaigns and Promotions:
   - Lead the development and execution of marketing campaigns, including those for major holidays and promotional events.
   - Collaborate and manage the PPC specialist to create compelling advertising materials, including Sponsored Brands Video and Sponsored Display, to amplify product visibility and drive sales.
   - Lead and strategize new product launches on Amazon and Walmart.

3. Amazon Storefront Management:
   - Take charge of managing, building, and optimizing the Amazon storefront.
   - Analyze customers' journey through the storefront and make data-driven enhancements.
   - Implement tactics to increase the number of Amazon store followers using Sponsored Brands and Amazon Posts.

4. Performance Analysis and Improvement:
   - Monitor and analyze key performance metrics on Amazon and Walmart, such as sales, sessions, conversion rates, reviews, and rankings.
   - Utilize insights from metrics to continuously optimize and improve performance.

5. Adaptation to Amazon and Walmart Landscape:
   - Stay current with Amazon and Walmart’s policies, algorithm changes, tools, and industry best practices.
   - Strategize and adjust approaches to ensure maximum visibility and sales, leveraging the latest opportunities.

6. Competitor Research and Analysis:
   - Stay updated on industry trends, competitor activities, and market dynamics to identify opportunities for growth and differentiation.

Join our team and play a pivotal role in shaping our Amazon success story πŸš€

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/ovalware-amazon-walmart-account-manager