HelloChakra LLC: eCommerce Influencer Marketing Expert

Headquarters: USA
URL: https://hellochakra.com/

Our core company mission and values

We are on a mission to provide more online freedom to people worldwide.  Join us on the journey!

Here is a video from HelloChakra CEO and co-owner: https://ift.tt/oCYvpSX

Our core values are the following:

🔵Excellence in everything we do (“I go above and beyond!”) - We believe in being excellent and showing it with our actions and mindset in absolutely everything we do day to day.

🔵Ownership and responsibility (“I own it”) - We believe in taking full ownership and full responsibility for everything we do. That means taking full ownership of every small task and taking responsibility for deliverables and outcomes.

🔵Push the limits (“I don't take No as an answer”) - We love pushing the limits and we do not take no as an answer. WE push their limits so that we can grow professionally.

🔵Cooperate and Serve (“Everyone matters”) - We believe in team cooperation and serving both our external customers and serving all of our internal team.

About the role

We are looking for an eCommerce Influencer Marketing Specialist to handle and own influencer marketing in the company.

We are launching a few new brands and products and we are looking for a social media ninja come and help us promote our products on social media.

You would own this channel of traffic, create a strategy, execute it and create additional traffic to HelloChakra’s website and drive sales and new partnerships. You would also regularly find influences and highly profitable campaigns to bring in more traffic to the products while creating a lot of great user-generated content.

The future of your role is exciting with three key areas of focus:

✔️Creating new partnerships and collaborations with influencers
✔️Bringing in more traffic and sales to our existing products
✔️Helping HelloChakra with new product launches and making those launches highly successful

More specifically, within this role, you will:

1. Develop and execute influencer marketing strategies and creative campaigns
2. Identify and build relationships with the right influencers
3. Create highly profitable campaigns with positive ROI on the assigned budget to market the products to a larger audience
4. Help HelloChakra increase sales and reviews through the targeted influencer marketing work
5. Brainstorm new, creative approaches to influencer campaigns
6. Research relevant industry experts, competitors, target audiences and users and find the right influencers and channels for each of the products/brands to tackle
7. Include all negotiations with the influencers to lower costs as much as possible
8. Coordinate everything between shipping the item, following up, asking for reviews, monitoring sales, and everything in between, with full responsibility

Once you join the company, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the team, the internal systems and its products. However, as you will be an in-house expert on Influencer Marketing, there won’t be any professional training and you will be expected to hit the ground running by doing proper analysis and strategic evaluation of how to tackle influencer marketing and starting with execution as quickly as you can.
About you

In order to excel in this role, you need to have:

1. 5+ years of experience in Influencer Marketing
2. Proven track record of success in the exact field of Influencer Marketing
3. Excellent understanding of the social media landscape and the nuances of different changes
4. Experience with project management tools (Asana, ClickUp, etc.)
5. Marketing-savvy mindset - you are able to understand the customer avatar
6. Ability to take ownership of your tasks and responsibilities and move in an autonomous way
7. Ability to think ahead, anticipate changes and act accordingly
8. Willingness to commit to getting results
9. Excellent organisational skills and the eagerness to learn


What’s in it for you?

🔵Fully remote and full-time role
🔵Fully flexible working schedule; you can be online at any time during the day as long as you deliver results. The company measures only performance and results
🔵With outstanding performance, there are regular salary increase opportunities if you can deliver outstanding results. Salary increases have to be connected to performance only.
🔵Professional growth opportunities to a more senior role
🔵Company swag
🔵Access to personal development fund as well as an emegency fund
🔵Comission based role that allows you to earn more if you help us bring in more revenue
Hiring process + How to apply

Our hiring process is made up of the following parts, so please be aware that you will need to dedicate time for each part:

1. Filling up a survey getting to know you and your experience better (Please set aside at least 30 minutes for this to make sure your survey is filled up well)
2. Follow-up email with more questions in case we find you a fit based off your answers in #1
3. Test task which we will ask you to do which will be contextual to the actual job in hand
4. We will jump on an interview in case the test task is successful.

Next step:
Please fill up the questionnaire as a next step and we look forward to receiving your application!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/hellochakra-llc-ecommerce-influencer-marketing-expert-1