Input Logic: Product Manager

Headquarters: Nanaimo, BC

About the role

We’re on the hunt for a Product Manager who can team up with our clients to launch and grow beautifully crafted apps and interfaces.

As a Product Manager at a digital product agency, you’re a great communicator with experience taking digital products from idea to launch. You enjoy problem-solving — specifically, weighing client goals and feature requests against the timeline, budget, and teams' capabilities. Since you’re the glue that keeps the designers, coders, and clients all on the same page, you’re super organized. You take great notes and use tools like Notion, Jira, GitHub, and Figma. Managing expectations is second nature to you.

Some of our clients are experienced founders and know exactly what they want, while others are first-timers with just a seed round and an idea. It’s your job to help them turn their ideas into actionable user stories, tasks, a roadmap, and timelines. You're not afraid to talk about extending the budget, but you'd rather cut features than delay a launch.

Your understand that a Product Manager role at an agency is a bit different than in-house role. You’ll be juggling multiple client relationships and product roadmaps simultaneously (3 to 4 typically). The ideal candidate for this role usually has had a career path that started as a Developer (at least 1 year), moved into Technical Project Management (at least 1 year), and grown into a Product Manager (at least 2 years).

Why this job?

You’ll work with amazingly talented people to create some of the best work of your career, while collaborating directly with founders and product owners at startups and recognizable brands. Alongside our designers and developers, you will bring your work to life, while expanding your network and learning from our Head of Product. You will make a real impact for potentially millions of everyday app users.

About Input

As a digital product agency, we revel in the joy of the craft and take pride in making apps that people love to use. We seek coworkers who are self-directed learners with enthusiasm, a can-do attitude, intuition for problem-solving, empathy, listening skills, kindness, and respect for diverse perspectives.

Our clients are mostly startups across industries like healthcare, well-being, insurance, finance, and productivity. We're into work/life balance, side projects, flexible hours, and avoiding unnecessary meetings.

Our office is in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, and while our team is spread across Canada, most of us are in the Vancouver area. We encourage remote and diverse candidates to apply.

To apply, please email us your resume and we'll consider it lovingly.

To apply: