OpenMind AI: Senior Backend Dev Wanted (AI Focus)

Headquarters: Boston, USA

Welcome to OpenMind AI, a company dedicated to helping students flourish in high school and beyond. We are a group of technologists, professors, and entrepreneurs who are also fathers, uncles, surfers, skiers, mediocre saxophone players, hikers, chocolatiers, basketball enthusiasts, and more. We understand that flourishing is as much about being a human as it is acing a test, we build products that reflect that.

OMAI is looking for an experienced full-stack developer with a focus on the backend and integration with AI models. We are a small team building a new online platform that provides tools for students and parents to help them navigate all aspects of college life from application to graduation. We embrace AI on all levels, starting at day to day development work up to powering the tools and services provided to our users. We use the latest technologies available and focus on innovative and rich user experiences. We are a remote team spread across the US, South America and Europe.

  • Desire to write readable, maintainable and secure quality code
  • Self-organized and self-managed with a team spirit and supportive nature
  • Experimental mindset and willingness to adapt and improve
  • Curiosity and interest in discovering new technologies and solutions

  • Plan, develop and maintain APIs for the frontend clients and chatbots
  • Co-ordinate with frontend team for architectural and decisions and integrations
  • Setup AI assistants that use prompts with functions definitions for specific tasks
  • Integrate AI services for real-time response generation and data analysis
  • Integrate with 3rd parties for authentication, analytics, data and services integration
  • Database management and consolidation to support the frontend services
  • Deploy services to production using platform as a service solutions
  • Maintain internal tools used by the staff to manage and evaluate the platform’s services

  • 6+ years experience developing production ready APIs
  • 3+ years experience with CI/CD environments
  • Strong knowledge of software design principles, industry and security standards
  • Strong english and communication skills
  • Understanding of agile methodologies and working experience in agile environments
  • Experience integrating AI services and tools is a bonus

To apply: