Subscript: Sales Development Representative (SDR) - Cold Calling

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Subscript is an early-stage startup focused on making life better for B2B SaaS finance leaders. We’re backed by top-tier investors like First Round Capital as well as execs from Looker, Gusto, Postman, Plaid and others. We’re looking for our first Sales Development Representative to help continue our rapid growth!

The way we work:

At Subscript, we do things differently and we’re proud of that!

First, you should know that every job at Subscript (including this one) is completely remote. You can work wherever you want as long as you’re comfortable calling into the United States during working hours. You’ll have co-workers in San Francisco, Portugal, Brazil, England, Vietnam, and many other places. πŸ˜„

We are an asynchronous team - we don't do scheduled internal meetings, and we rely on each team member to communicate clearly in writing and with recorded videos. If you're sick of pointless meetings, this is the place for you! In fact, you’ll soon notice that most of this interview process is going to be asynchronous. We told you we do things differently!

We're a team that loves working together - we love playing board games (these we do synchronously πŸ™‚). Full-time team members meet up multiple times per year for live offsites around the world (expenses paid!)

Like all start-ups we're scrappy, but not scrappy on compensation: Subscript is committed to paying our awesome team members at market rate!

The role you’ll play on our team:

You’re going to be making a lot of phone calls. Each day, you’ll call 250+ B2B SaaS finance leaders. It’s up to you to convince these folks to learn more about Subscript.

Most of the finance leaders you call will be in the United States, but some will also be in other countries like Australia and New Zealand. All calls will take place in English.

Ultimately, you’ll know you’re successful if the people you call become Subscript customers. Your goal is to call finance leaders and get a certain number of them to agree to meet with one of our Account Executives. Then, our Account Executive will own the relationship and help the prospect become a customer.

As an early team member, we’re also counting on you to have a huge say in how we shape and build all parts of our organization. You’ll work closely with the whole team, including our co-founders and Head of Marketing. You’ll be well supported, but you’ll also need to show a lot of ownership.

Traits you’ll need to be great in this role:

Grit - A lot of the time, making cold calls can be a lot of fun! You get to chat with interesting people, and you never know what’s going to happen next. But, at the same time, you need a lot of grit to bounce back from the occasional challenging call.

Be persuasive - You’ll need to be good at telling a story and being persuasive.

Quick thinkers - While cold calling, you really have to expect the unexpected. Are you able to keep your cool and respond confidently on the fly?

Enjoy routine - You’ll be making 250+ phone calls every single day. Does that sort of routine bring you joy? If so, you’re likely a great fit.

Sound great + have confidence - To be great at cold calling, you have to sound good on the phone. You just do. πŸ˜„

The interview process:

We like to be really transparent about everything at Subscript, including our interview process!

Our interview process is designed to focus on the traits listed above, as well as your ability to communicate clearly (both written and via recorded video). We're a fully asynchronous company, so that's how we will mostly communicate in this interview process too πŸ™‚ .

First, you’ll fill out the application. This also involves answering a question through audio or video.

Next, you’ll do an asynchronous interview where you answer a few questions over video. For example, we’ll be eager to hear a story of a time when you persevered when most others would have quit.

Then, we’ll have our first actual meeting! We’ll role-play some calls together and then you’ll jump right in and make some cold calls to *actual* finance leaders. You got this!

Lastly, we’ll meet one last time for final questions and to chat through anything that might be on your mind. It's important for us that our company and working style is a good fit for you and that you have everything you need to make the right decision.

And finally, hopefully we'll send you an offer. And hopefully you'll accept!

More about the role:

The hiring manager for this role is Phil Sharp, our Head of Marketing. Once hired, the role will report to our Co-Founder, Michelle Lee. In case it’s helpful, here’s where you can find Phil:

Phone: ‪(650) 395-8547‬

To apply: