TopspinPro: Head of Marketing

Headquarters: Milford, England, United Kingdom

Hello! You're reading our Job Advert! Hurray! 

We're on the search for a Head of Marketing at TopspinPro - our very first internal marketing hire! Maybe it's you!

We need someone who's seriously into sports (and all the incredible stuff sports can do!), someone who's pumped about leading a marketing makeover and witnessing the impact it can make. Whether you're a seasoned Head of Marketing or itching to dive into that role for the first time, we'd have your back to help you thrive and grow along the way.

Our mission is to transform Tennis, Pickleball (and hopefully Padel!) and this role is absolutely vital to making that happen.

A bit about TopspinPro

Our Business: At TopspinPro, we're not just about creating cutting-edge training aids; we're about revolutionising the way tennis and pickleball are learned and enjoyed worldwide. Since our launch in 2015, we've empowered over a million players across 124 countries to master the art of topspin, transforming their game and making the sport infinitely more enjoyable. Our innovative approach has not only garnered a global customer base but has also set the stage for us to become a beacon of innovation in sports training.

Our Team: The TopspinPro team is 9 people. We work fully remotely, across different time zones. We are ex-tennis coaches, pickleball fanatics (and the odd racket newbie that snuck in there but we love them anyway!) We care a lot about our work and about each other - we support each other, challenge each other and laugh a lot. We work flexibly.

Why now: We are at a hugely exciting moment for TopspinPro as after 9 years we transform from a one-product to multi-product business with a full offering of physical and digital products. The Head of Marketing will be at the core of this beautiful transformation - with the opportunity to fully own the plan and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of tennis and pickleball and the future of our company.

What Makes Us...Us?

There are certain values that for us are a given. We expect everyone we work with to act with integrity, to communicate well, to be trustworthy. We expect people to be compassionate and kind, to work hard, to be empathetic and to approach their work with a positive mindset.

But there are also certain values beyond that we feel are particularly important to the core of who we are at TopspinPro.

Human First: 

  • Teamwork is vital to us and for any remote team there can be challenges to build those relationships, to create the team dynamic and friendships that make a workplace a supportive and enjoyable experience. At TopspinPro we are a close team - we support each other, we help each other, we take time to talk about our days and our lives. We approach each other as humans - with goods and bad days, productive days and tired days.
  • We also recognise that there are moments when the work stops - that we have families at home that are our priority and as a staff team we encourage each other to prioritise our wellbeing and work/life balance and step away from the screen at the end of the day (even when that can be hard in a remote role and the computer is right there!)
  • That ‘Human First' approach also applies to our customers, our partners, our affiliates and all of our stakeholders. We try really hard to treat everyone that comes into contact with our company with empathy, respect, and fairness, recognising their intrinsic value beyond their roles, the money they pay us or contributions to our business.

A love for learning:

  • The reason this company exists is to help people learn. And with that learning to go forth and use, enjoy and share that knowledge. That approach is fundamental to TopspinPro. Our team is made up of enthusiastic, passionate people who enjoy learning for learning's sake - we are curious, we are interested in the world.
  • At TopspinPro we share interesting articles we've read, listen to podcasts in sports psychology, have book club sessions to discuss books that taught us interesting things and challenged our beliefs.
  • We want to learn, to grow - in our roles, in our personal lives, in our team. We learn from each other. We know we can be wrong and sometimes learning takes us and our company out of its comfort zone - valuing and empowering that passion for learning is core to our approach.


  • Tennis is a game - it's meant to be fun. And having fun is fun-damental to TopspinPro (sorry for the pun!). Although we take our work and responsibilities seriously - we try not to take ourselves too seriously.
  • As a team our default is positivity. We assume good intent. We laugh. We enjoy our work and each other.
  • The TopspinPro was invented up a mountain and first cobbled together with a hula hoop, a coat hanger and a tennis ball. We try to approach our product development with the same mentality - to be playful with our ideas, to be innovative and out of the box. 
  • Warmth is vital to TopspinPro - our team members are kind, they're fun, they're chatty, they take the time to reach out to a struggling teammate, to send a thoughtful gift on a birthday, to post a photo of their dog in sunglasses to the company slack.
  • Not everyone is positive all the time and that's ok (we want people to take breaks, practice self-care and take care of their mental health), but enjoying the social side of work and getting to know your teammates beyond the project plan or KPI is vital to us. We want to come to work and laugh (even if Phil's dad jokes don't deserve it!)

What you'll be doing

  • Marketing Strategy: Crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with our business goals and drives success (particularly as we move from a one-product to a multi-product business model.)
  • Product Launches: Collaborate with the Product team as we launch new products to market, coordinating all aspects of the launch process to generate buzz and drive sales.
  • Build the ‘Marketing Department': To be a connecting force: collaborating with our internal teams, our designers, copywriters and our external creative agencies to align marketing efforts with sales goals, providing them with the necessary tools and materials.
  • Campaign Management: Take charge of end-to-end campaign management, from conception to execution, ensuring seamless delivery and measurable results.
  • Brand Awareness: Elevate our brand presence and recognition, implementing strategies to increase brand visibility and engagement across all of our channels.
  • Digital Marketing: Spearhead our online initiatives to reach and engage our target audiences and inspire our community.
  • Market Research & Analysis: Be instrumental in our success by conducting thorough market research and analysis, providing actionable insights to inform our strategic decisions.
  • Content Strategy: Be a creative storyteller to develop and execute compelling content strategies that resonate with our audience and drive engagement.
  • Public Relations: Help shape our brand image and reputation through strategic public relations initiatives, building relationships with media outlets and stakeholders to enhance our visibility and credibility.

The Process/How to Apply

Our interview process is made of the following stages:

  • Application: A super quick application form just to get you into our system.
  • A Video: we will ask all applicants to record us a 5 minute video to introduce themselves to us, share a little relevant experience and why this role excites them.
  • Culture/Screening Interview: An initial 30 minute Interview with Doug and Phil, our Managing Directors to get to know you better.
  • Technical Interview: A 60 minute interview (again with Doug and Phil) digging deeper into your skills and experience.
  • A Challenge: We will ask candidates to complete a Challenge Task that will take around 2 working days to complete and present their work to us in person, in London. This is a paid challenge with time and travel compensated.

If this sounds doable for you please apply!

Can't wait to hear from you!


Let's Talk About You

If you find yourself nodding your head at the list below - we want to meet you!

  • Strong Track Record in Marketing: You've spent at least 6 years in a marketing role, with ideally 2 years in a managerial role. You have a strong understanding of paid traffic, influence marketing digital marketing, including SEO, SEM, social media, and email campaigns.
  • Strong DTC experience: You feel super comfortable navigating DTC for early stage scaling global e-commerce businesses - building customer relationships, navigating international markets, reimagining branding/storytelling, personalising and maximising data capture and profit margins.
  • Strong problem solver: You want to jump headfirst into a senior role - you love the idea of having a chance to truly own a marketing function, to put your stamp on it and feel confident you can find solutions to any problem and carve out your own path.
  • Doesn't need hand-holding: you want to collaborate with your teammates, to strategize and learn from each other but you don't need to be guided at every step. You're extremely self-driven. You are confident to set out the plan and get stuck in to implement it.
  • Curious - the unfamiliar isn't daunting: You possess a natural curiosity and embrace unfamiliar situations as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles.
  • Exceptional communicator: You feel in your element sharing your ideas - inspiring others with your insights and plans. You enjoy a team environment - discussing, debating, reflecting together and you approach stressful moments with good humour and a relaxed, pragmatic approach.
  • Sports industry experience; preferably tennis: You have a deep understanding of sport (ideally tennis!) - sport means something to you, you understand the power sport has to transform people and you've seen that personally and in a business environment.
  • Based in UK ideally: You live in the UK and would enjoy meeting up with your teammates once a month or every couple of months for a strategy/planning session (and for lunch and a natter!)
  • Excels in a remote setting: Remote work isn't for everyone but you thrive in a remote role - you love the freedom and flexibility that comes with the fully remote life. A lot of our team have kids and work remotely around their busy family schedules! You manage your hours effectively.


Didn't talk you out of it yet? That's great news because there are some fantastic perks to joining forces with team TopspinPro:

  • Competitive salary: £60-85k, highly contingent on past experience and track record. We're open to both growing someone with potential as well as investing in someone with a track record in the space. 
  • Fully remote team: set up anywhere in the UK.
  • Pension (UK): 5% employer contribution.
  • Wellbeing budget: all of our staff have £100 a month to spend on their wellbeing. Yoga/Gym/Meditation/Counselling/Skincare etc etc. If it benefits your wellbeing (and it's legal!) it's a-ok.
  • Learning & Development budget: Every staff member has access to a L&D budget on a case by case basis. In the last year we've funded undergraduate degree courses, online short courses, audio books and conferences.
  • Remote Working Budget: Every staff member gets a budget of £2500 for remote work set up. Get a new desktop computer or new furniture - and it's yours to keep!
  • Flexible working hours: We are a fully remote company and we do everything we can to support staff to work flexibly - to empower them to prioritise their families, their own health and their passions outside work.
  • Annual Offsite: Once a year we all meet for a retreat - we co-work, we play tennis, we eat yummy food and connect together. We fly staff from around the world to meet and connect.
  • Virtual team events/socials: We work to make our remote work experience sociable and enjoyable (even if you're sitting on the sofa with your laptop!) We do online gaming events, book clubs, wellbeing challenges and coffee catch ups. Last year we sent all our staff VR headsets so we could compete at Tennis even if we're in our kitchen!

To apply: