Elite Software Automation: QA Engineer

Headquarters: Virtual
URL: https://jobs.elitesoftwareautomation.com/

(Remote, Full-Time, Anywhere in the World)

Starting Pay: USD $50-70K/year, Further pay promotions available based on performance once on the job



​Elite Software Automation (ESA) is a specialized consulting and technology firm focused on creating intricate business process, systems, and automations solutions to help its clients scale their businesses and run a more efficient operation.

As part of these solutions, ESA develops custom business software systems for its clients. These systems are used to run a variety of business processes in the client's business, including various customer interaction processes, as well as many back office operations and internal organization within the business. These systems are complicated and are very intricately designed to cover very specific and unique details of our client's business processes, which are complex and full of detail. In addition to logical complexity, ESA also has a demand for speedy delivery of solutions to its clients to implement such solutions in the client's business in a matter of weeks or a few months, not years.

Over the years, ESA has developed a very specialized home-grown methodology for making such solutions, and powers it with specialized experts in business process efficiency and business software fields, uniquely designed processes to design and build business software solutions, and a uniquely put together home-grown technical platforms stack to power these solution developments. The way ESA makes its business software solutions is very different to how other companies do it - this way involves very intense and particular ways of working (further described below in this job posting).

The QA Engineer role in ESA is responsible for getting the software development completed to a functional quality standard. The QA Engineer works together with our developers, design engineers, and business process experts to ensure that a software system is successfully and correctly functional for all of its applicable scenarios and is ready to be handed over to our business process experts to begin implementing it into the client's live operation. This job requires to do a lot of test case scenario analysis, manual testing, regression testing, and other items typically found in manual QA roles, however, the role is very strictly focused on the result, which is to get projects to the completed state. Put it simply, we don't hire our QA Engineers for the purpose of merely filling out testing plans or making a bunch of issue reports, we hire our QA Engineers to actually get projects completed to a high quality, and even though these traditional QA activities are required to accomplish that, we expect our QA Engineers to take a very result driven attitude towards their work and to proactively work with the other members of the team to not only identify gaps in the software systems, but also work to get them resolved and get completed high quality ready-to-work systems put together in a speedy and efficient fashion, while not compromising on quality.

This is not an easy job. This job requires a lot of responsibility, focus on results, proactive management of your end of the project, and active action with the team to get the projects closed and completed. Additionally, the technology stack and the technical methodology of building software used by the organization, being very unique and specialized, also involves a different testing methodology, which accomplishes efficient and speedy delivery through a special way that is different to traditional software development, so the technical approach to testing is also different.

The job, as result, is very challenging and requires experienced software QA specialists with seasoned abilities in working with complex solutions, while at the same time an open mindset needed to work in ESA's unique process. Success is difficult to accomplish but can be rewarded with real raises and promotions. If this intrigues you, please continue reading the full job description below.

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