AccuSales: Senior Data Engineer

Headquarters: Los Angeles

About Us: We're a bootstrapped startup on a mission to help Walmart and Amazon sellers at all levels, from retail arbitrage to wholesale to private label, find profitable products. Our goal is to offer tools that reduce the time and effort needed for product and market research. While we're not the first in the space, we're striving to be the best by providing actionable insights and innovative solutions.

Senior Data Engineer / Analytics Engineer (Part-time or Full-time)

Hours: No Set Schedule (You Manage Your Time)

What We Need from You:
  • A self-starter with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to extract insights and patterns from complex data.
  • Good command of English, both written and spoken.
  • Ability to work remotely with no minimal supervision 
  • Meticulous attention to detail and a passion for delivering high-quality work.
  • Willingness to take short-term pain for long-term gain.
  • Ability to work in the PST timezone.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Pioneer, develop, and maintain our data infrastructure, ensuring scalability and efficiency.
  • Make foundational technical decisions regarding tools, data models, and data processing strategies. Evaluate options such as aggregating data within the database or externally, choosing between PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Redshift, or leveraging PySpark with AWS EMR for data processing. These decisions should be backed by data and consider future scalability and efficiency.
  • Collaborate with founding members to understand data needs and deliver insights that drive business decisions for our customers.
  • Design and implement robust data models that support our product and market research capabilities.
  • Work with various data sources, including third-party APIs, crowd-sourced data, and web scraping, to enrich our dataset.
  • Build and maintain database infrastructure to enable ad-hoc search, filter, and sort capabilities in our dashboard.
  • Create data infrastructure to support historical timelines for products, enabling trend analysis and market forecasting.

Required Experience:
  • Strong business acumen and the ability to translate business needs into data solutions.
  • Proven experience in data modeling and SQL.
  • Basic familiarity with git.
  • Experience with data visualization and dashboard development is a plus.
  • At least 3 years of experience.

Tech Stack Knowledge:
  • Experience with data processing frameworks (e.g., Apache Spark, AWS EMR, Airflow).
  • Experience with cloud providers (e.g., AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Familiarity with PostgreSQL or similar relational databases.
  • Knowledge of front-end technologies such as Vue 3 and Chart.js for dashboard development is a plus.

If your experience matches our requirements be ready for the next steps:
  • A video detailing a previous project, the problems you encountered, your approach to solving them, the outcome of those solutions, and the impact on performance
  • Culture-fit screening call with the Founder
  • Technical interview with the Lead Engineer

Compensation: Negotiable, based on experience and qualifications. Equity options are available.

How to Apply:
Please complete our brief survey at the Survey Link and share any relevant experience in data engineering or analytics roles that you believe will make you successful in this position.

Join Us:
This is not just a job; it's a career opportunity to grow with us. We're looking for a dedicated individual who is ready to make a long-term commitment and contribute to our vision.

To apply: