School of Traditional Skills: Copywriter

Headquarters: Bonners Ferry, ID

The Copywriter at School of Traditional Skills will play a crucial role in our company's marketing team, responsible for crafting compelling copy that inspires our audience and drives sales of our classes. As the Copywriter, you will work closely with the marketing team to develop messaging that resonates with our target audience and aligns with our brand guidelines.

You will be responsible for writing clear, concise, and converting copy for various marketing materials, such as short and long video ad scripts, optin and sales pages, various funnel strategies like educational webinars, PLF’s and other email heavy promotions, along with social media posts, email templates, and display ads. You must be detail-oriented and tuned in to the nuance of your copy and how it plays out across related funnels, web pages and social media for a consistent and effective message. You will also assist in conducting research to understand our target audience's needs and interpret the information to create copy that speaks directly to them.

Applicants should have a solid foundation in Direct Response Marketing with a heavy focus on strategic email copy and email list cultivation. If you have immersed yourself in studying marketers such as Dan Kennedy, Donald Miller, Jeff Walker and others, this will be a huge plus! As well, an understanding and passion for traditional skills and the homesteading life are also a big bonus in your favor!

To apply: