Grouse Software Labs Inc: Sr. Full Stack Engineer (Javascript/Typescript, Node/React)

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Are you tired of being told what to build by clients who don’t understand software or trying to change the world in a ‘fast-paced venture funded startup’? If you’re nodding your head, read on. 

I’m looking for someone to join a team of one. Yes, one. You’ll be the technical lead designing, building and supporting our app. You’ll work closely with me (the founder) on building something our customers want while enjoying what we’re doing. I’m looking for a collaborator to take the lead on the technical side of the business. We’ll debate ideas and try to find a balance between adding features and improving performance & security. 

I’ll talk to customers, do the marketing, and we’ll collaborate on designing features. You’ll build it, launch it quickly and we’ll measure the results and do it again.  

About You
You’re a solid full-stack developer with deep experience in both back-end (Node.js) and front-end (React) development. You’ve been working for at least 5 years either for clients or a startup and you’re looking to do something where you have more control over what you’re building while having fun with your work. Maybe you’ve flirted with building your own app before but weren’t able to get it to make enough money and you’re excited about the idea of working on a business that’s working and you can enjoy some of the upside. See more about that below.

About Us
  • The business is a small SaaS app that integrates with Google calendar and is offered in the Google Workspace store. 
  • The app is built, we have predictable revenue and we have a working acquisition channel that’s regularly bringing in new customers. 
  • We’re currently focused on building features that improve our activation funnel and grow revenue. There’s a lot of opportunity sitting on the table. 
  • We’ll work collaboratively, but remote using tools like Slack, Notion, and Google Docs. 
  • The app is self-funded and there’s no venture capital or board of directors breathing down our necks. We’re doing what we want, the way we like to do it, and we’ll continue to do it that way.

What You’ll Do 
  • Develop and improve the front-end and back-end components of our web application with our tech stack: Javascript/Typescript, React, Node.js, and PostgreSQL
  • Collaborate with the team (just me!) to rapidly design and implement new features and functionalities with a focus on growth.
  • Balance speed with code quality to ensure we can move quickly without sacrificing stability or performance
  • Manage and optimize the performance of the web application including DevOps activities like deployments & performance monitoring on Heroku. 
  • Design system architecture that can be easily maintained and scaled as we grow
  • Troubleshoot and debug when issues arise using tools like Sentry and DataDog

Your Background
  • At least 5 years of experience as a full-stack software engineer, ideally in an application with active customers or users. 
  • Strong proficiency in Javascript/Typescript React, Node.js, and PostgreSQL 
  • Experience working with API's and designing system architecture
  • Ability to balance speed with code quality and prioritize tasks based on business impact
  • Experience managing the performance of a webapp
  • Dev Ops experience using Heroku or similar cloud platforms
  • It’s a bonus if you’ve built your own apps or side projects (I’d love to hear about them!)

The Perks
  • Set your own work schedule. We care about results, not when your butt is in the chair. 
  • 4 weeks vacation + local holidays
  • Future profit sharing

To apply: