Elite Software Automation: Business Process Analyst

Headquarters: Virtual
URL: https://jobs.elitesoftwareautomation.com/

(Remote, Full-Time, Anywhere in the World)

Starting Pay: $80-120K/year for Advanced and Senior level, $60-70K/year for Mid-level (details below)

Further pay promotions available based on performance once on the job



Elite Software Automation (ESA) is a boutique consulting firm that helps successful, fast growing businesses become even more successful by increasing their profit margin, and enabling scalable growth through process optimization, custom systems, and automations.

Our clients are established 7 and 8 figure enterprises with service-intensive business models. They are companies who are good at getting clients and making sales, but as they scale, they face challenges in running the back-end of their businesses. They generally have issues with the effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes, systems that should run those processes, and automations, or the lack of them.

This is where we come in. We turn our client businesses from chaos to order and transform their operations into lean, mean, profitable, and automated machines.

We fix process issues by expertly designing and implementing all-round detailed business processes that assure effective and efficient operation in any all relevant business area.

We build and implement custom systems that make sure that all these processes are correctly and efficiently run at all times; and cannot be sabotaged by people, wrong decisions, lack of information, or any other form of human error.

We automate all processes with repetitive logic within our systems with highly detailed custom automations, removing the manual effort on them, and making execution instant.

All this is only possible because of our unique approach, which consists of very focused and methodical execution, dedicated focus on each client's specific business goals and circumstances, extreme attention to detail, and our unique in-house developed technology stack and methodology. Our firm does not outsource anything, everything is done by our full-time in-house team.

Our firm is committed to success - both for us and our clients. Therefore we are very selective when it comes to both clients and team members.

We have a high demand for our services and as such, we only take on serious clients for whom we can get real results and who can be a good fit for our services. Our clients let us follow our methodology, and we work with them in tandem to help make their critical and strategic business decisions. We do not work to cater to random or meaningless requests or engage in contracts that jeopardize our ability to help clients achieve their business goals.

Our selectivity and high requirements also apply to our staff. Work in our organization is rewarding and with substantial growth opportunities (including cash income growth), but it is also very demanding. It is only suitable for committed, strong, and capable individuals.

This is not one of those consulting jobs where you spend much of the day showing up to meetings, repackaging the same reports or presentations, or doing other boring activities focused on appearance rather than value-add.

This is not a "requirements gathering" job where you take down other people's requirements and pass them along.

This is not a job where you're paid to just execute tasks that somebody else has given to you.

This is a job where you actively use your expertise, analysis, creativity, and hard effort to figure out how to produce results for our clients and then deliver them.

This is a job where you investigate client problems, conceptualize solutions and deliver tangible improvements, making businesses successful. It requires you to be at the top of your game, and dedicate all your brain power to what you're doing.

This is a job where you can and are expected to take responsibility, make decisions, be creative, and make a real difference in the world of business.

The ultimate goal of your role is to help our clients become and remain the dominant forces on their markets. You do this through delivering tangible benefits to our clients' businesses by developing and implementing improved processes, and custom-made systems (leveraging our expert tech team) to run and automate these processes, making their business operations more efficient, profitable, scalable, and successful.

Our firm provides high-end business optimization services and commits to delivering high-end business results.

We're looking to add people to our team who will commit to very hard work to do the same, and take ownership of their projects to identify and carry out whatever is necessary to achieve that.

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