E-Commerce Intelligence Tool: Backend Developer for On Demand Web Scraper

Headquarters: Los Angeles
URL: http://N/A

We are an e-commerce intelligence tool. We are looking for an experienced backend developer to help us build a third-party web scraper and implement it into an on-demand scraper API.

Key Responsibilities
  • Develop an API controller as part of our Supabase Edge Functions using Deno and Typescript.
  • Design and implement a scalable scraper capable of running multiple processes and handling account details.
  • Ensure the scraper supports cookie refreshing and login management.
  • Plan and execute the integration of the scraper with our existing systems, ensuring scalability and load balancing.

Tech Stack
  • Supabase Edge Functions
  • Typescript
  • Puppeteer
  • Deno

Budget and Duration:
We are open to discussing and adjusting these based on your expert assessment. If we can work greatly together, this could result in a full-time position.

Go here and fill out the quick survey: https://ift.tt/DVZt9YU

Please apply with details of your relevant experience, particularly highlighting your expertise in developing similar tools. Include any past work that showcases your ability to deliver a project of this scale and complexity.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/e-commerce-intelligence-tool-backend-developer-for-on-demand-web-scraper