Select Saunas: Customer Service & Sales Representative

Headquarters: Casper, WY

If you excel in a fast-paced, remote, fun environment where your colleagues are your friends, this is it!

We are a US-based online sauna retailer, looking for a fully remote customer service and sales rep – and most importantly a relaxed but professional salesperson for customers to talk to over the phone/email! (Spending $2-15K on a sauna online is no small decision, and talking to someone who is kind, knows their stuff, and is super helpful makes this process rewarding and enjoyable for you and the customer.)

This is what a day can look like for you, and how you'll provide big value to customers:

- Review new orders in Shopify, capture payments, and if needed reach out to customers with helpful shipping information. (Estimated shipping dates, how delivery will look like, ask if they have any questions or need any help offloading the sauna, etc.)
- Receive phone calls and return any voicemails from customers.
- Take orders over the phone
- Send quotes and invoices to potential customers interested in buying a sauna
- Review any open Gorgias tickets and address as many new tickets as comfortably possible.
- Handle fast-paced short live chats/texts.
- Communicate with colleagues, freight companies, and suppliers about emerging issues or problems. (Making sure the customer's sauna is shipped safely and quickly.)
- Keeping customers constantly updated throughout the ordering and shipping process. (Providing updates, or if they haven't ordered yet, reaching out to see if they need any help, eventually taking payment over the phone, or sending an invoice.)

We're looking for someone who can:

- be available on Slack for effective communication with the CS team.
- work 9 AM-5 PM (US time-zone flexible)
- help their team and give advice/provide suggestions and input.
- down the line, assist in training new hires.

What you'll bring:

- At least 3 years experience in customer service and/or sales
- Experience with Shopify. (Find/edit orders, process refunds, etc)
- Empathetic, down-to-earth, casual attitude towards customers.
- Excellent written and oral English communication skills.
- Self-directed and able to work autonomously. (Must have the ability to work on your initiative without constant supervision.)
- Ability to prioritize quickly; things get busy at times and we need to rely on you to know what's most important.
- Experience with modern help-desk software (like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Gorgias, etc). We use Gorgias.
- Proficiency in Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs or 365.
- A plus is experience with technical product CS/sales. (Customers often inquire about electrical specs, sizing, etc for saunas and heaters.)

This is what we'll bring:

- Competitive base pay.
- Significant commission on closed high-ticket sales. (Either taking orders over the phone or sending Shopify invoices.)
- Bi-weekly payouts.
- Sales bonuses.
- Paid vacation.
- Flexible, chill, yet high-performing, modern workplace and super responsive contact with owner and colleagues.

If you want us to look into your application, make sure to send a short voice message on why you want this job, your experience, and anything else on your mind along with your application.

We are a relatively small, newly formed e-commerce company that's growing fast and as a result, we have a fast-paced but casual relationship with our coworkers.

Thanks for your interest and good luck. We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy holidays!

The Select Saunas team

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