LeadSimple, Inc.: Customer Support Inbound Manager

Headquarters: Washington State, U.S.A.
URL: https://www.leadsimple.com/careers

🚀 Want to join a team of A players in an exciting, high-growth, entrepreneurial environment?

We’re a small team solving big problems in the property management industry. Bootstrapped since 2013, we're passionate about helping small businesses simplify growth and streamline operations, providing the leading CRM in our space.

The long version of our story: Back when web 2.0 was a thing (get off my lawn!) LeadSimple’s founders started a lead generation business connecting landlords with property management companies. Witnessing the challenges lead buyers had closing deals led into a natural segue to build out an industry-specific CRM which became the de-facto industry standard. Fast forward to 2020 when we released a process/workflow suite to move from the sales side of our clients business into the heart of day-to-day operations. The market was hungry and responded aggressively to the new direction, which led us to double down with growth and additional product expansion.

Expectations for your first 90 days:

  • Put customer interaction satisfaction metrics in place and leverage of that information with the inbound team
  • Measure the call satisfaction rating and include in department scorecard
  • Decrease call volume by eliminating the root cause issues
  • Hire and successfully onboard additional Customer Support Reps
  • Develop and implement inbound playbooks
  • Work towards having a considerable percentage of inbound calls solved and eliminated

A day in the life of…

  • Enhance Customer Experience Strategy - Develop and execute strategies to enhance the customer experience: improving processes, boosting customer retention rates, identifying opportunities for upselling.

  • Lead the Inbound Success Team - A  significant part of your day is dedicated to nurturing a team of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who are the front line of our customer interactions. You'll be deeply involved in monitoring and ensuring the quality of both verbal and written communications with our users. Starting with listening to live calls and reviewing written responses, you'll gather insights to understand both the strengths and areas of improvement for each team member. But it doesn't stop at identifying areas for growth; you're also hands-on in coaching your team members, offering constructive feedback, and sharing best practices to elevate their performance.  Whether it's through regular check-ins, team huddles, or one-on-one mentoring sessions, your role is pivotal in ensuring our CSRs are not just equipped with the right skills, but also consistently inspired to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

  • Metric Analysis and Accurate/Timely Reporting - Collect, analyze, and interpret customer data, feedback, market trends to drive data-informed decision-making and improve customer support strategies and processes - Prepare comprehensive reports, findings, and recommendations based on data analysis and present these insights to the Leadership team to inform strategic decision-making.

  • Conduct Operational Assessment and Implement Action Plan - Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the existing systems and processes, identifying pain points, bottlenecks, and areas in need of improvement for the inbound team..

  • Optimize Systems and Influence Product Roadmap - Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement changes to enhance product, efficiency, streamline workflows, and optimize customer experiences. Use customer feedback to inform and influence product roadmaps in partnership with Product and Engineering teams.

  • Integrate and Manage Technology for Inbound Team - Evaluate and recommend technology solutions and tools to support the systems overhaul, ensuring seamless integration and effective utilization. Develop and implement a change management plan to facilitate a smooth transition during the systems overhaul, including training and communication strategies for team members.

  • Act As An Escalation Point -  Ensure customer issues are resolved quickly and effectively. Make yourself efficiently available to handle pertinent escalations. 

  • Fill in for Inbound Support - When needed, provide stop-gap support for the inbound team by taking and completing tickets and facilitating video/phone calls with clients.


  • Company Holidays
  • Paid Time Off (in addition to the above)
  • Monthly Healthcare Allowance
  • Yearly Vacation Allowance
  • Fun and outcome driven work environment with a smart, hard working team
  • Location independence
  • Mission driven company and values-based culture

Please only apply if you:

  • Embrace learning new technology 
  • Learn fast
  • Communicate crisply
  • Proactively seek solutions
  • Own the outcome
  • Embody emotional maturity
  • Bring an optimistic “can do” attitude
  • Supply your own internet and smartphone
  • Are willing to have a real strong collaboration with other departments
  • Have over 3 years of experience managing inbound at a customer success function
  • Are up to the challenge of representing our “Customer Obsession” value
  • Are ready to level up our CSR team, providing coaching, guidance, solutions and training to your team
  • Consider growing people as a big part of the job and you’re up for it
  • Have B2B SaaS experience (preferred)

We have an amazing team of A Players and we’re ready to add more! Selected candidates might have written assessments and multiple interviews with different people. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the right person in the right seat.

If you think you would thrive in the above environment and make an impact for our customers, we’d love to talk to you!

**NOTE: We are not accepting applications in California, Colorado, or New York at this time.

In summary...

You can do it in an office
You can do it from home
We really don’t care
As long as it’s known 👇

What matters is this…
When the chips are down
And your back is against the wall
Can we count on you to make the right call?

Judgment, intuition, or care by another name
We call it “Owning The Outcome” - because it really is the whole game
Have the customers back, and they will treat you the same

If you can do that
Then we’re birds of the same feather
So come join our team and we’ll make music together.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/leadsimple-inc-customer-support-inbound-manager-1