E-Commerce AI Saas: Email Marketing Specialist - Remote

Headquarters: Nevada
URL: https://aaronkong.me

We are looking for ONE email marketer for full-time to later become head of email. 

YOU MUST have these skills:
  • No Set Schedule (You Manage Your Time)
  • Must be a self starter.
  • Perfect text communication skills.
  • Extreme attention to detail.
What will you do? (You'll be a key player in a small team, shaping our brand's voice and online presence. Your contributions will directly impact how we attract, engage, and retain customers in the SaaS landscape. )
  • Develop and implement email marketing strategies that align with our business goals.
  • Optimize email funnels for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  • Collaborate with designers to create visually compelling email templates.
  • A/B test campaigns to improve open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.
  • Work closely with other team members to ensure content and strategy alignment.
  • Stay updated on the latest email marketing trends and best practices.
Required Experience:
  • Proven experience in email marketing, particularly with saas.
  • Familiarity with email marketing platforms like ActiveCampaign, Intercom, Customer.io, or similar.
  • Strong understanding of email metrics and how to track and improve them.

This is NOT some outsourced job. This is a career where you can grow with us. We're looking for someone who can not only execute but also contribute ideas that will move us forward.

Compensation: We will start at $350-$500/month. We are looking for team members who can scale with our team, and as we grow, YOU will grow. 

Go here, fill out the quick survey: https://81u1y9ciz0d.typeform.com/to/Cpb70XYn

Please share any relevant experience or other roles that you believe will make you successful in this position.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/e-commerce-ai-saas-email-marketing-specialist-remote