Platomics: Senior Full Stack Engineer

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

Our mission: Bring innovation to the patient faster

As regulations of the medical sector become increasingly strict in the European Union, health institutions, such as hospitals and laboratories struggle to maintain compliance due to a lack of knowledge and resources. This bears the risk of pushing small laboratories out of business and reducing the overall offering in diagnostics, ultimately resulting in a reduced health care quality for patients.

We at Platomics address this problem by creating products that tap into an existing ecosystem and make complying with a wide range of regulations fast and easy.

Candidates should be prepared to work in a high-cadence environment, collaborating with a highly qualified and international team. Your contributions will directly impact the lives of millions of individuals by ensuring that treatments and laboratory analyses especially for rare diseases can remain available.

We are looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer with Frontend focus (Angular + Java Spring) to join us on this journey.

The Role

As a Senior Full Stack Developer at Platomics you will:

  • Build a platform that changes the regulatory landscape all across Europe
  • Work with a team of highly skilled developers, designers & product managers
  • Collaborate closely with specialists in the field of biotechnology and medical regulation
  • Engage actively in continuous product discovery efforts and play a pivotal role in shaping product decisions from the beginning
  • Potentially transition into a leadership role for the team you join
  • Generous salary, depending on your location. As a reference, the salary range for Berlin or Vienna is € 75.000 - € 95.000 depending on your qualification.

While we are a distributed team, we aim to create opportunities for people to come together in person. At the current point in time we have a physical office in Vienna, Austria, open to all team members.

Therefore, the role is open to applicants based anywhere in Europe.

What you bring to the table

  • You have 5+ years of experience as a Full Stack Software Developer, and you know how to work with Angular, Java Spring, Git and SQL databases.
  • You are dedicated to foster Clean Code practices and have a proficient understanding of Software Architecture as well as testing.
  • You approach technical decisions pragmatically and believe in an empowered product culture that is all about outcome over output
  • You are able to create and support a great work environment for product teams to thrive in defined by an open feedback culture, honesty, and a focus on personal development.
  • Big plus: Having worked in the Med-Tech / Bio-Tech / Health-Tech or another highly regulated space before

How we work

We are a team of experienced and driven individuals across all disciplines, working remotely from all over Europe.

While we are currently in the process to define and shape our team culture collaboratively, we are guided by the following principles:

🔋 Its a marathon, not a sprint

We create a work environment that keeps all team members healthy physically and psychologically in the long term. While we work hard, we respect boundaries and take breaks to recharge.

💬 Radical candour & psychological safety

We say what we think and care about each other. We appreciate feedback because this is what lets us grow. We create an environment where every opinion gets heard and valued.

🥇 We reject mediocrity

We deliver our best work. We care about the results we deliver and own our mistakes. We take calculated risks and ship fast - but we are not sloppy.

🔥 Ideas over hierarchy

Facts and arguments win, not job titles.

What to do next

If this posting sparked your interest, feel free to submit your application here:

The application process will then follow these steps:
  1. First Screening Call (30 minutes)
  2. Case Study Interview (60 minutes)
  3. Cultural Interview (60 minutes)
  4. Team Interview (45 minutes)

To apply: