CoinLedger: Integrations Team Lead

Headquarters: USA

About the role

You will be the owner of the import experience within the CoinLedger platform which currently processes hundreds of millions of transactions every year spread out across 300+ centralized exchange integrations. Supporting such a significant number of integrations is a large undertaking and will require the ability to implement new systems in order to maintain the quality our users expect.

At first, this will be a completely technical role where you work closely with Lucas and Mitchell (CoinLedger’s two technical co-founders) to get familiarized with the system, understand our processes, and take over development for net new and existing integrations. Your goal here is to become an expert with our current approach to building integrations and become a vacuum for new data across crypto platforms that CoinLedger does not yet support.

Once this ramp-up phase is complete, your role will transition to a split of managerial work and technical work. You will work alongside the co-founders to bring on a team of 3-4 other developers and help them ramp up with the knowledge you have gained. You and the team will be responsible for continuously shipping improvements to our current integrations, launching new integrations, and working to make the import experience as amazing as possible.

With the team in place, your technical responsibilities will shift from individual integration work to leading long term and high leverage projects which will impact the integration experience as a whole. On the near-term roadmap, we have the following in mind:

  • Improving import infrastructure to enable real-time transaction syncing from crypto exchanges
  • Building robust monitoring systems to react to breaking changes from crypto exchanges
  • Building new workflows for enabling realtime balances to be fetched from crypto exchanges to assist users with reconciling their transaction history

This will be an extremely high impact, challenging role in a fast paced environment. However, you will have the opportunity to shape and impact the creation of a net-new team within CoinLedger from the ground up.

We hope you are up for the challenge.

About you

  • You are a crypto enthusiast and invest in crypto yourself
  • You have a strong understanding of major centralized players in the crypto market and can prioritize accordingly in your integration work
  • You have a passion for working with data: APIs, csv files, and excel spreadsheets
  • You aren’t afraid of diving heads first into poorly documented APIs for crypto exchanges
  • You have 3+ years experience as a software engineer working on backend systems
  • You have worked professionally on a C# / .NET codebase
  • You are able to strike the balance between speed of delivery with quality of development
  • You have the ability to zoom-in and help solve technical issues when the need arises
  • You have experience and are comfortable managing a team of developers, including assigning work, leading stand-ups, performing code-reviews, assisting with QA, and communicating business context for projects as needed
  • You are comfortable working closely with members of our support team in order to help resolve issues and improve the import experience
  • You are comfortable working with outside contractors to source transaction history data from crypto exchanges in other countries
  • You provide technical leadership to the team and can work with engineers to help guide them into important technical decisions.
  • You have experience working with engineers at different levels and have coached them in their career development.

In the first month, you will:

  • Work directly alongside CoinLedger’s two technical co-founders to gain an understanding of the current import experience
  • Ship bug fixes and improvements for our existing integrations
  • Perform an audit on high impact API integrations and execute a plan to improve both the success rate and percentage of transactions CoinLedger imports
  • Build and ship a new file integration
  • Build and ship a new API integration
  • Document and create a plan to improve gaps in current processes

Within the first 3 months, you will:

  • Work alongside the founding team to hire 3-4 additional engineers who will report to you
  • Lead the onboarding process for the new engineers and bring them up to speed on team principles and processes so they will be able to build and maintain integrations
  • Identify key areas to improve import resiliency and ship these changes
  • Take over leading the core integrations team operations

Within the first 6 months, you will:

  • Have autonomy over the direction of the integrations team and roadmap
  • Ship multiple improvements to improve both the resiliency of our integrations and the overall operations of the integrations team in general
  • Ship multiple features which improve the import experience for our users

What success looks like:

  • You lead the team to achieve targets for team goals which include: 
    • Accuracy of imported accounting data
    • Success rate of both high priority and secondary exchanges
    • Measured classification coverage of imported transactions
  • You push the pace to improve 
    • Development velocity of new integration launches
    • Time to recovery when integrations break
    • Development velocity on new features
  • You identify problem areas in our current process and implement improvements which will: 
    • Make the import experience better for our customers
    • Make the development & debugging process better for the whole integrations team

What we offer:

  • $100,000 - $120,000 USD / year salary
  • Competitive equity in a fast-growing startup
  • Completely remote position
  • Autonomy over building and running your own engineering team
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Paid time off

To apply: