Alinea: Senior Data Analyst

Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI

At Alinea, we are a rapidly expanding SaaS Healthtech enterprise, driving daily operations for thousands of therapists, while also revolutionizing patient and family engagement on the front-end.

Our platform offers a robust suite of tools, and we're currently seeking a talented and insightful Senior Data Analyst. This role is central to both our internal operations and customer-facing services, tasked with harnessing the power of data to enhance our software, optimize its use, and steer our future development initiatives.

As our Senior Data Analyst, you will be the key architect of data-informed decision-making. Your proficiency in PostgreSQL and BigQuery will be instrumental in analyzing customer data. You will pioneer innovative strategies for tracking and alerting on utilization, and you'll support product decisions by supplying actionable insights. This is an exceptional opportunity for a data enthusiast who is ready to make an indelible impact on the Healthtech landscape.

  • Overseeing product utilization and adoption across all markets. Your role will involve analyzing data to enhance performance and fuel growth.
  • Developing and refining methodologies for utilization and adoption analysis. You'll tailor your approach to cater to different markets, partners, and clients.
  • Creating and maintaining both standardized and bespoke reports. These will serve to bolster client success and shape our company strategy.
  • Collaborating with key departments including Sales and Finance to optimize utilization metrics, driving sales and underpinning strategic decisions.
  • Supporting product implementation alongside the Customer Success team. Your work will ensure seamless product rollouts and the delivery of high-quality user experiences.
  • Contributing to the formulation of business strategies. You'll provide data-driven insights to internal teams, aiding in strategic decision-making and planning.
  • Deep expertise in PostgreSQL and BigQuery, with a proven track record of using these tools or similar to analyze expansive datasets.
  • Demonstrated capacity to develop and execute data analysis procedures and methodologies.
  • Exceptional project management skills, including the ability to handle multiple projects concurrently and coordinate cross-functional teams effectively.
  • Robust communication skills, enabling you to articulate complex data and insights in a comprehensible and engaging manner.
  • A customer-centric mindset, with a commitment to fostering improvements based on data-driven insights.
  • A fervor for innovation and the ability to swiftly adapt in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment. Your resilience and flexibility will be key to navigating and succeeding within our dynamic workspace.

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