Quota Inc: Senior Backend Engineer

Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta
URL: https://www.getquota.co

We’re looking for a Senior Back End Engineer - maybe someone who has been full stack in the past (i.e actually has sympathy for Front End requirements) and has decided that ‘back end’ is where it’s at for them - then doubled down. Maybe you're just a Back End Dev with empathy and good communication skills. Maybe you identify as a Mid-level Dev, moving into a Senior space, or maybe you’re a seasoned Senior looking for something newer and more hands on / IC - because, to be clear, this is 100% a hands-on role.

The decoupled nature of Quota means you’re in the DevOps mindset and if you have an interest in - or have deployed - API handling/versioning/architecture, data modelling, big data handling, data analytics, calculations/algorithms and SecOps - this might be a great fit for you. There's scope to be creative in your solutions, but day one we'll be focused on making good for scale and production. Quota is always going to be a back end-led platform, so we're looking for that magic person who is going to own what they build.

Coming into this team, you’ll have the advisory of two CTO brains, but you’ll be the first full time back end developer we’ve brought on, and as such, you’ll be building, communicating and deploying on your own skills and setting the standards with minimum supervision and maximum reach. There will be no hierarchies, no cliques, no egos and no ignorance for you to have to deal with -but you will need to be a good communicator and generally loveable.

Our full stack is AWS Lambada and ECS, Python, Django and ReactJS. This stack allows us to - and will allow us to moving forward - add API integrations, build internal pipes, create benchmarking and predictions engines, deliver content aligned to certain data parameters, and create useful tools - such as budgeting tools, modelling and market data based notifications. 

We solve tricky problems in elegant ways and as a team enjoy debating solutions. 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/quota-inc-senior-backend-engineer