Flexiple: Full-stack developer at a startup building an AI product lab

Headquarters: India
URL: https://flexiple.com

Flexiple is an exclusive network of top freelance developers & designers. We help startups & companies achieve their product goals by being the smartest & quickest way to scale their tech teams.

The role is with one of Flexiple’s US-based clients - they are creating an AI product lab to help builders reach millions of people with their creations faster, cheaper, and more effectively. Their suite of products includes a sales engine, financing and checkout, business intelligence, and conversational AI.

Who are you?

1. You are based in the US and are a full stack engineer (skilled in both frontend and backend). Don't worry, we have other similar roles as well visible on our website :)

2. You are an experienced with NextJS (or Remix), TypeScript, and NodeJS with work for 2+ years with the same company as senior, principal, staff, lead developer. The idea is that it would have given you ample time to work on the end to end development of the product.

3. You should have 4+ years of total experience and tangible work done with SQL, and MongoDB.

4. As an experienced full stack engineer, you would be expected to lead feature development independently while working in fast-paced and lean engineering team.

5. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and are a team player who’s comfortable taking initiative and working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

Who you will work with:

Reporting to the CTO and working with the engineering team (10 members and growing), as one of the first team members you will play a key role in the design, development, and delivery of their 4 software products. 

There are similar other companies as well who are looking for quality engineers from the Flexiple talent community. Recently, we have worked with -
  1. A Germany-based startup building an AI powered no-code platform
  2. A global remote team building a new product to complement their existing 10-year-old product competing with Twilio

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/flexiple-full-stack-developer-at-a-startup-building-an-ai-product-lab