ChocZero: Wholesale Assistant

Headquarters: Brea, California

Do you love spreadsheets and data entry as well as analysis? Do you wish you were able to grow with a company and have a bigger purpose behind your job like maybe making some of the best chocolate in the world?

Good news then: we're looking for a wholesale assistant to work with our other assistant that can make our sugar free world shine a little brighter by playing an integral role in filling out vendor paperwork and filing purchase orders for our growing chocolate company.

Our wholesale assistant must excel (it's a pun, get it?) at data entry: they'll love spreadsheets and like to eat purchasing orders for breakfast. They will find a sense of calm in analyzing sales and putting together reports. They'll consider it a win when they can tell their boss of an inconsistency in the data or spot a charge back that's erroneous, then work with their boss on helping them crush it.

We're looking for a proactive wholesale assistant who investigates spreadsheets cell by cell; creates reports to analyze each month; can manage demo calendars; and has an understanding of retail math like percentages and multipacks. You know what a UPC means and you aren't scared by terms like sales allowances. If you're that person, the sky on this entry level job is truly the limit--and you'll soar high because we NEED someone like you on our team!

Wholesale Assistant Responsibilities
  • Processing daily POs
  • Pulling suitable samples for key accounts
  • Procuring customers' purchase orders ahead of our deadlines
  • Suggesting adjacent alternatives when merchandise is unavailable
  • Inspecting periodic sales figures to highlight patterns to management
  • Harnessing analytical insights to inform future forecasting
  • Preparing shipment-related paperwork
  • Alerting management to noteworthy issues that necessitate their expertise

Wholesale Assistant Requirements

  • Extremely high attention to detail: you dot your I's and you cross your T's, but you'll even notice when others don't.
  • Demonstrable experience as a wholesale assistant, analyst, or another job where your job is making sure things don't fall between the cracks and everything is consistent--typos aren't great, but they're especially not great when thousands of dollars are on the line.
  • Computer literate: this is a remote job, if your internet lags or you don't have a headset for our daily team syncs, you can't keep up.
  • Proficient in Google Sheets and Microsoft Office: sometimes our customers find fun ways to break formats, and if you can't switch between the two, you're going to have a headache.
  • Familiarity with Docusign and Adobe Acrobat: you have to be able to open PDFs and help create them from our templates. It's easy, we'll show you and even have a company Wiki to teach you, but if you can't often open your own documents or find yourself forgetting to attach sign your name on every page of a contract in your personal life, this is not a job for you.
  • Good understanding of retail math (percent offs): sometimes you gotta quickly do a 15% off, and you gotta do it right. We don't care if you use a calculator or Google, but we do care that you get it right.
  • Familiarity with terminology from wholesale (UPCs, case packs, etc): do you know what a barcode is? Do you understand the concept that 12 items make a case and 48 items make a mastercase? It's easy, so if you're a quick learner, you'll be fine...but if you find concepts like 12x4 is 48 to be hard to follow or remember, this isn't your jam. (Which is fine, it's not our sales team's jam either, we aren't judging--just don't apply for THIS role.)
Our Values
  • Work/life balance: we get it, you work remote so you can see your kids right at 5PM instead of spending 2 hours in traffic. That's why we work hard and well within the time constraints. We never ask for overtime (unless it's a major issue, like a once a year crisis).
  • Accountability: we don't care if you make a mistake, we care if you own up to it.
  • Micromanaging is awful: no one wants to check in every ten minutes to see what you're doing. We like transparency and daily sync ups--we want someone who knows what they're doing every day, and asks if they don't, but also is a self-starter.

To apply: