Database Administrator at 114th Most Visited Site

Headquarters: USA

About You

You are passionate about building and managing databases. You are an expert in MySQL and are deep into both hardware and app / schema layer.  You are humble with a sense of humor and eager to be a part of a like minded team of people.  You have been working in or dreamed of working in the gaming industry and are ready to turn your talents towards chess!

What You’ll Do
  • You’ll be proactive in improving our user experience and system health
  • You are willing and able to participate in our on-call schedule
  • You will help us to reinvent how people experience chess around the world
  • You will take part in building a multi regional resilient system capable of handling millions of games each day along with tons of additional services.
  • You will have the opportunity to solve interesting challenges like storing chess games, puzzle attempts, and a 100M+ member social network
  • You will help us maintain stability and performance as we blend our existing bare-metal datacenter hosted with GCP for microservices and scaling

Preferred Skills
  • Strong understanding of MySQL(Percona), Redis, Linux, hardware, haproxy, 
  • Experience with data layer technologies (RDBMS/SQL, NOSQL/key-value, Graph, etc)
  • Experience with monitoring & visualization (datadog, PMM, etc)
  • Detailed understanding of http and related technologies
  • Knowledge of configuration management system
  • Server-side automation scripting
  • Strong knowledge of UNIX based OS fundamentals
  • Security knowledge and risk assessment ability
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills working in a fully distributed team
  • Sense of ownership and responsibility
  • Lifelong learner

About the Opportunity
  • This is a full-time or contract position
  • We are 100% remote (work from anywhere!)
  • This is open to applicants in time zones within GMT -3 and GMT -7

To apply: