Moody's Analytics: Senior Software Engineer/Architect

Headquarters: Earth

 About Us 

Catylist is a fully remote team at Moody’s Analytics focused on organizing the world’s commercial real estate data. We use this information to help all kinds of people make better decisions, whether that means finding the perfect office space or understanding the potential impacts of climate change on their manufacturing facility or shopping center. We’re always looking for interesting ways to connect data and solve real-life problems.  

  • Our team includes about a dozen full-stack developers.
  • We care about culture, and many of us have worked together for over a decade. 
  • We use JavaScript (ReactJS) on the front-end and Java on the back-end. 
  • We use a microservices architecture and practice continuous integration. 
  • We host everything from AWS and believe in infrastructure-as-code. 
  • We're not dogmatic about our tools/technologies – we use whatever best suits the task at hand.
  • We communicate mainly via GitLab, Slack, and Zoom, but try to get everybody together in person a couple times a year (retreats & conferences).  We have big goals planned for the coming years and could really use your help.  

Role / Responsibilities 

We’d love for you to jump in and help lead the team. Primarily, we’re looking for a talented developer who’s at home writing code daily. As a principal engineer, you’ll have the flexibility to contribute in as many ways as you’re comfortable. That could mean: 
  • Designing and implementing frameworks and re-usable software components. 
  • Helping to evolve and expand our architecture. 
  • Researching technologies and leading proof-of-concept development. 
  • Developing standards and conventions, mentoring other developers and reviewing code. 
  • Collaborating on business decisions from the technical perspective.
  • Finding and fixing inefficiencies in code or process and working to make the team better every day.  

About You / Qualifications
  • This isn’t your first rodeo – you have significant (7+ years) production experience building scalable web applications and APIs hosted in a Cloud environment.
  • You have a complicated relationship with JavaScript, loving the good parts and understanding the bad. You might not label yourself as an expert, but others would.
  • You have solid experience with ReactJS, including functional components and hooks. 
  • You have solid experience writing enterprise-level application back-ends or APIs in an object-oriented language like Java. 
  • You have a practical understanding of both the benefits and pitfalls of a microservices architecture. 
  • You once unwittingly hacked into a military supercomputer running war simulations, believing it was just a game. 
  • You're a quick study, stay up with the latest-and-greatest ideas, and enjoy learning new things. 
  • You understand that working as part of a small team can sometimes mean wearing different hats and you’re equally comfortable writing code and mentoring others.
  • You’ve outgrown the chaos and uncertainty of start-up companies.  You like having reasonable hours and knowing that your job will be around next week.
  • You’re partial to asynchronous collaboration and your first instinct is always: is this meeting really necessary?
  • You believe in the mantra: "strong opinions, weakly held".
  • You're an excellent communicator (with and without emoji). 
  • You value stability, work/life balance, group decision-making, and working with people that are good-natured, open-minded, interesting, hard-working, and self-motivated.
  • You're looking for a family to join for the long term, not a stepping stone toward another gig.  
This is a full-time, 40 hours per week, remote, W2 position with excellent benefits (health/dental/vision/HSA/401k/disability/ESPP/etc). 

To apply, send an email to Don't include a stuffy cover letter, but please take some time to explain why you're a fit for our team. Include your resume, GitHub link, and anything else that will help us get to know you :)

To apply: